BR41N.IO Hackathon

BR41N.IO is a brainstorming and collaborative marathon designed to be a learning experience for developers, technologists, engineers, students, artists, and scientists who cram and build brain-computer interface (BCI) applications together in teams. By putting creative minds from multiple disciplines together for a short period of time, BCI-related applications not readily thought of can be discovered and uncovered.

There are several predefined projects at the BR41N.IO Designers’ Hackathon, which the participants can choose to work on. Below, the projects are described in detail including hard- and software specifications as well as the number of possible participants for each project.  The Unicorn Brain Interface and the Unicorn Suite application are mostly used to realize BR41N.IO projects. However, additional software should already be installed on your personal laptop before you come to the hackathon.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate who has interests in BMI, BCI, robotics, AR, VR, machine learning, computing, sensors, human-machine interface systems, control, signal processing, big data, haptics, rehabilitation, and similar areas. Participants do not have to be a BMI expert to participate in a team! Interdisciplinary teams with a combination of BMI and non-BMI skills are often successful in building solutions and producing working prototypes.

Can I submit a different project?

Professional teams can also participate to develop applications during the BR41N.IO Designers’ Hackathon to demonstrate the full potential of some of the sponsored hardware/software. If you are looking for team members, your project will be included among the BR41N.IO projects below where people can apply for it. Submit your project to

What’s in there for me?

Be creative, think outside the box. The BR41N.IO Designers’ Hackathon is fun and gets you to network and collaborate with other Geeks. The best BR41N.IO projects will be awarded cash prizes:

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